Sunday, 7 February 2016

Beauty | Bobbi Brown - Mini Make-up set

I was given this beautiful mini make up brush set for Christmas and decided to keep the brushes clean and gorgeous for as long as possible! Today I finally cracked and gave into the temptation and used these little beauties. 

As I haven't had much experience of using them I won't be giving a review, rather just my first impressions. In this set you get Face Blender, Cream Shadow, Eye Shadow and Ultra Fine Liner Brushes, along with a beautiful metallic silver travel case to store them in.

Today I used the face blender brush (far right) and the the eye shadow brush. I used the face blender to help blend in my setting powder and also to blend out my contour for a flawless look. Although I usually prefer a larger powder brush to blend my face I found this little treasure to be really easy to use, especially for my contour. The eyeshadow brush was much like any other decent brush, it allowed me to blend well into my crease and create a soft edge to my eye make up. What more could I want?

All in all I was so grateful for this gift and was really impressed with how aestheticly pleasing it is. I will definitely be using it as my go to travel essential kit and it's also perfect for just popping in my everyday bag. 

J x



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