Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Lifestyle | Five Things: I'm Watching

Cinema Picks

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - SciFi
So I seen this just after christmas and I was hooked. Having a female lead as the new Jedi was a genius move and I fell in love with Daisy Ridley as Rey. BB8 fulfils the feel good factor which his cute little noises and of course I shed a few tears along the way. If you haven't taken time out to see this yet I fully recommend it, a great action film to start of the new year. Side note: if you aren't a Star Wars fan or simply haven't watched it, you don't need to have seen the previous 6 to understand the story.

Daddy's Home - Comedy
Staring Will Ferell and Mark Whalberg, this laugh out loud, cringe based comedy is my top 'feel good' movie for the start of 2016. Although not one of the best Will Ferell films I have seen, my personal favourites being Elf and Step Brothers, the on screen chemistry between him and Wahlberg makes this film what it is. As they compete for the attention of Whalbergs biological children they get up to a lot of mischief and a whole heap of laughs. Fantastic film.

Television Faves

Celebrity Big Brother

I am a sucker for any type of reality television even if you do think its trashy it keeps me entertained. I have been glued to this series of celebrity big brother more so than any other year. I think this is due to the younger celebrities keeping it argumentative and drama filled. The big love triangle between Stephanie Davis (Hollyoaks actor), Jeremy McConnel (Model) and Sam Reece (also a model) has kept me gripped. (Seriously who cheats on their boyfriend on national tele?) If you don't like a lot of drama or swearing then this is not for you.


I came across this gritty British drama on Netflix a couple of nights ago and I very quickly got emotionally invested in the storyline. Each episode is based around a different character/plot but all episodes link into each other. It can be really heavy in parts and very dark and emotional, just my cup of tea.

Ex on the Beach

Series 4 hits MTV tonight and I can not wait! I have recently re-watched the first three seasons and much like Big Brother the drama has me hooked. Really looking forward to seeing new faces and some old ones.

Let me know what your watching or any suggestions for new films or TV series please, I'm always on the look out.

Catch yous later x



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