Saturday, 16 January 2016

Lifestyle | 2016: Always

The first couple of weeks of of 2016 have passed by me in a haze. My Year 2 winter exams are now over (Yay!) and I feel like I can finally celebrate the new year. Before I focus on the rest of 2016 I want to acknowledge the losses that have already hit the public hard this year. Both David Bowie and Alan Rickman passed away from cancer, aged 69, within days of each other and I wanted to touch on the impact that it has left on me personally. 

I am by no means a music geek but you would have to live under a rock not to know who Bowie is or to understand his input into the music industry. Bowie taught people that it was ok to be different, in fact more than that, that people should embrace their uniqueness with every fibre of their being. As Arsene Wenger said he taught a generation to be strong enough to be yourself. I think this is the best lesson you can teach anyone.

As for Alan Rickman. When I heard that he had died I cried and I cried....and then I cried some more. Growing up I was always introverted, shy and quiet, and not always the most liked person. I have never had a great deal of friends nor ever been overly sociable. I found a lot of solice and comfort in literature and Harry Potter became my 'happy place'. I would preorder the books and read them in a day and the character I always related to was Severous Snape. I always thought of him as misunderstood, an outcast with a mean streak and a heart broken by loving too hard. (This was my opinion from book one, not just after his final page).

      If people want to know who I am, it is all in the work. - Alan Rickman
When the movies were being released I was sure they were never going to live up to the books, and in many ways they didn't. Snape, however, surpassed my expectations. I saw my favourite character come to life in the form of Alan and it was nothing short of real magic. The dedication Alan gave to Snapes' character shone through all seven magical films. From his first scene where Harrys scar started to tingle and then the very first potions class to the last scene where he told Harry he had his mothers eyes. His last thoughts were of the woman he loved, his life given to protect others. 

I know Serverus Snape is a character but Alan Rickman took that character and ran with him. J.K Rowling told Alan there was more to Snape than met the eye before the last books had even been released and so he made sure this was respected through all eight films. If a director asked him to do something he didn't think fitted Snapes' character he would tell the "no, you don't know how it ends". Alan Rickman brought my hero to life and in turn became someone I will idolise for the rest of my own. 


As I start to plan the rest of my year and look forward to new adventures I will carry these loses with me in the form of gains. I have gained a new sense of direction with my work. I have gained a new perspective on life. Most importantly I have gained a new appreciation for my idols. I will appreciate the people who have shaped me and who I hold dear to me throughout 2016 and hopefully I won't lose it again. 

I hope everyone has had an amazing start to their year. Please share with me who your idols are or your thoughts on the loses of 2016.

Catch yous later x



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